Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hup Bang a lang.

And that title makes as much sense as a banana with a machine gun in a vegan restaurant.
Yeah, whatever.
You may guess (or you could look at the dates of past posts and see) that I've not been here for a while. The reason? It was so hot this summer, my brain actually melted and I've stored it in the fridge until it coalesced into a solid enough lump to force back in through my ear with a reasonable expectation that it would stay there.

But stuff has happened.
I started writing The Carpenter's Apprentice again, and have stopped for the 57th time. One day I'll even get the website up and running.
I am going to see if me and Jon can mesh our minds together and create a printable Future Shock or Terror Tale.
Finally, I had an interview today for the post of Freelance Reporter for the Six Vllages area. The fact there's about 12 villages in the area not-withstanding.
Got to say, I've never been more relaxed in an interview, I was not even slightly nervous. It's not like I'm convinced that I am the best for the job, I'm sure I can do it, but still.
Guess I'm just at a stage now where I can take what comes with ease.

Except for the fact that I still can't fit into my suit!
Damn podgy wasteline! But snacks are so nice. Humph!

Anyway, I'm back. But tomorrow I'm going to London for a "Nearly my birthday" piss up.
I may even try to get the APEs to come to The Church on Sunday.

So, next post will be Monday at the earliest. Let's see what the weekend brings!