Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Want some free rentals? Maybe a free iPod or games console?

Well, click on this here link http://Apple.real-incentives.com/?referral=4868
and sign up then.

It's that thing you may have heard about where you sign up, do one offer, then get others to do the same and they send you something for free.

I signed up for Lovefilm, because it's free. Basically, a two week free rental trial, where you get each new film when you send the old one back, cancel and they charge you nothing, and you've completed your offer.
I've got The Devil's Backbone, Kagemusha and When the Wind Blows all lined up to watch.

Now all I need are some people to be referred to it by me, and I can get a free iPod too.
It only takes 6 people to go from this link, and I'm in.

I'll let it be your Christmas present to me ;)