Friday, September 25, 2009

Return from the wherever I was

It's been a long six months since I last wrote. Everything was going fine between us, I had my novel and you had my banging on about how much I was getting done. It was the perfect kind of relationship, I could vent and you just took it.
But then something new and shiny came into my life. Promising a quick sensation release, saying my words would be out there almost immediately and people would defintely read them. Well, I fell for it. Writing short stories about a character that has lurked in my head for a few years now. Oh, how optimistically we all got stuck in. There was a website, a name, and I'd gone into seven weeks worth of content before I understood that I would be getting no more responses from the guy behind it.
Seven weeks worth of stories that now languish, crying to be set free, if only I can devise a platform.
Worst of all, I left you for this failure and never even bothered to write. The novel lay alone in its file, untouched, unloved, my mind occupied by the collapse of the shiny new thing that had so entranced me.

Cut to six months later.
My friends got married this weekend and it was brilliant. Meeting people I'd never seen. Seeing people I hadn't chated to for ages.
Then realising that all of my friends are moving on, making a life and I'm still living at home with my parents and going nowhere.
It was all I needed really, a swift metaphorical butt kicking.
So on Monday I was back in the routine. Up before 9, breakfast, coffee, then writing.

I'm averaging just over a thousand words a day, broke the 50 thousand word barrier yesterday and realised that I'm going to go past the 60k ideal I was aiming for.
Anyway, let's have the tally:
Words done Monday: 1290
Words done Tuesday: 1099
Words done Wednesday: 1712
Words done Thursday: 1067
Total words this week: 5168

Total words so far: 50080