Saturday, December 04, 2010

Drunk and Loving the A-Team

Title pretty much says it all.
I have been knocking back the cheapCarlsberg I bought at Tesco earlier.
Watched Match of the Day and saw Samir Nasri make the Fulham players look like complete tits while taking Arsenal to the top of the league - so the evening started well.
Then I tried to watch Vertigo after several beers and while fiddling on the laptoipo. Next thing I know its 20 minutes in and I've watched none of it.
So Vertigo goes and instead the last 2 episodes of The A-Team Season 3 go in.
Now I love this show. Not in an ironic "Oh look at how cheesy this all is, let's laugh at how they kill no-one."
I really love this show. I grew up watching it Saturday tea times and have plowed my way through the boxset of season 1-3 whenever I've had a break in my regularly scheduled entertainment.
It's wonderful, a proper family action show. Murdock was always my favourite, but I find I appreciate Face and the shit he goes through much more now.
All I need to do is buy the final 2 seasons and I'm going to be one happy bunny.