Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's not writers block.

And I'll prove that right now by writing a post on here.

No, instead what I am suffering from right now is my famous cannotdecideitis.
It's a tragic and debilitating problem that leaves you looking at five or six different projects and being unable to decide which one to write.
Professional writers, I imagine, don't suffer from this, they've got a deadline to meet and nearest deadline gets done first.
As an aspiring author, who has no deadlines or contractual worries, no money hanging on this decision, I can't choose.
Do I carry on with the 2/3 maybe 1/2 completed children's novel? Maybe do the post-apocalyptic novel that readers of the synopsis have cheered on. Perhaps I could do the action/horror novel I keep talking about.
I could even get on with one of several comic ideas. Perhaps work on that TV script I've been planning.

But which one? I can't choose, every day I think a different one is my best bet.
Tomorrow I'm implementing my reward plan, buying a scratchcard for every day of the week and if I meet my target for the day (6 pages of script or 2000 words of prose) then I get to scratch that days card. No day can ever have more than 3 cards on it, and on complettion of any project (except short stories and comics under 22 pages long) I get to scratch all of them.
It may cost me £5 a week to do this, but hopefully it'll motivate me, and there's always and outside chance my reward scheme will make me rich.

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