Friday, October 13, 2006

Keeping yourself interested.

I've noticed that when I do my daily target of words (3 times this week!) I tend to end the days work the same way I try to end a chapter, with something interesting, exciting or cliffhangerish.
It makes me want to keep telling the story the next day. So far I only failed on Wednesday, because I was so exhausted.
6000 words this week, I think I'm looking at an 80 to 90,000 word novel here, when originally I was planning on about 60,000.
Things keep happening though, I know where the story is going, I know who's who, but I don't know all the characters yet. Just introduced a new one, who was supposed to be a craven coward who dies later in a rearguard action. Now he's something else, still probably going to die, but not until the second novel at this rate.

3 scratchcards down, no money yet. 1 carried over to next week (Wednesday ticket).

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