Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm such a fickle fool

Not much has been done on The Carpenter's Apprentice in the past 3 weeks, I think my enthusiasm is waning again. Maybe when I finally get some feedback I'll pick up the pace again.

Instead I've been thinking on pitches for Abaddon when they reopen their doors in February.
There's one for Chronicles of the Afterblight that wouldn't come together for me last year that I now have a rudimentary story for, which is a step up from just having a situation, which is where I beached last year.
I also started work on a Zombie story. However this has merged with another idea I was working on, and suddenly I'm liking my set up and story too much to give it away. It's one of those things, it had a high concept premise, but as I worked out the story and started making character cnnections, I realised it could easily support a series on it's own. At that time I still planned to pitch it to Jon.
Now though, well, I'm thinking I could make more money out of this if I keep it to myself and get an agent and publisher.
But should I? Getting it to Abaddon and commisioned would mean a guaranteed amount, but nothing more. Not pitching it could mean getting less and not getting the kind of distribution they get.

I've just spent a half hour writing the first five hundred words, and it all flowed so nicely, I had a great time. I was starting to forget how much fun writing can be when it all just comes naturally.

Time will tell which way I swing on this, but even if I don't pitch it, I've got at least another 2 ideas for Abaddon, not counting the one i mentioned above.

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