Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Is this progress?

Here I am, posting when I should be working. That is, real work, looking through magazines for anyone who has advertised but isn't in my database. It is unbelievably boring, especially as I have got myself all worked up over the fact that an eamil this morning told me one of my pitches has been passed on to a series creator. This means one of two things, Jon liked it and thinks it could work in that world, or he enjoyed it but can't make a decision based on his own thougts because he knows me and I have been sneaking in begging notes onto the end of my submission emails.
It would be nice if it is the former, I hoped Jon could stay neutral when he read my submissions, as a friend I would like him to get me a paying gig, as a writer I want to be judged purely on the merits of what I write.
Anyhew, hopefully the guy who came up with the world will like it enough and I can move on to the next stage of the process, a chapter by chapter breakdown, and that actually scares me. So far all my writing has had a broad outline and then things have changed in the actual telling. In my big work-in-progress kids novel, f'r instance, the hero suddenly left the nicely crafted party I had made, met a new character I had to scrabble to find a name for, met another character about 2 chapters before I planned, and gave me the answer to a question I had posed myself.
I don't know how much freedom a chapter breakdown will leave me, but probably not that much. On the other hand, 6 years on and that book is still only half done, so maybe a rigid structure can prevent the stopping times I immerse myself in.

Right, back to databases, how I hate them.

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