Friday, January 20, 2006

A time for Red

So the weeks most unsurprising football story is over, and we've signed Theo Walcott.
Wasn't too sure about having the lad, but after seeing some of his goals on the Championship review last night, I am convinced he can become great, especially if Theirry Henry stays about to pass on his knowledge.
Only thing the lad has to worry about is the point that Arsenal signed Jermaine Pennant when he was young. Yeah, this young talented lad who Wenger nutured was recently playing for Birmingham (and when that's not the worst part of the story you've got to be concerned) while wearing one of those ankle tags so the police knew where he was.

Beyond that, I am sat here, getting ready to consume an entire bottle of red and get down to some work on one of the 2 novels I am going to focus on until I get that call from Abaddon. My kids novel or Matthew Reilly meets HP Lovecraft.
I'm more up for the Reilly/Lovecraft one at the moment.

I think.

[Edit] It's definitely that one. Just found my page of quotes for it, have to get to the point where I can put this in.

Scientist: Violence is not always the answer.
Jackson: But when it is, I'm a f*****g star pupil.

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