Thursday, June 15, 2006

Gotta make it a habit!

Wow, over a fortnight since my last post. I put off one because I was going to a wedding, then I never got around to it, and now I'm off to another tomorrow (wedding on Saturday, but 3+ hour travelling means a day before journey), what a train-set lifestyle I lead! (Because I'm too poor to travel anwhere by jet!)

So anyway. I have now written about 30 pages of the as-yet-untitled Courier follow up. Only about 80-ish to go.
Emma has made a start on the artwork, but it's going to be a long old slog before I'm happy with every line of dialogue and she's done all of the art. Sometome next year, which for someone who hops projects like fury is a long time for me, but I'm committed to this.

And I have to make posting here a habit. If anyone read it it might spark some interesting posts from any comments and questions people have. But as I'm all alone out here, I may just slpip into madness. Is blogging to yourself more mental than talking to yourself?

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