Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Moving in general directions.

Chapter 3 has been written, rewritten and had an extra page of violence added!
However, it's still taking me too long to write my pages, I was going to stick with doing 2 a day, but I too often don't do anything in a day. Still, that makes about 24 pages done of a guesstimated 100. Although I'm thinking it's going to run over that, and I've been restraining myself!

I found out last week that I no longer fit into my suit! It's a terribvle and tragic thing, especially as I'm going to Sabrina's wedding on Saturday! I have enforced a rigid exercise programme on myself, and tried to cut down on my food intake, but it's so hard when there is nothing else to do around here.
Tomorrow I try the trousers on again and decide if I'm going to make it or if I need new trousers.

Saw X-Men 3 yesterday, and I liked it.
I then went on to read the reviews and comments of people online to see what others thought of it. And the split in opinion comes down to this
Movie goers - liked it, it had spectacle, humanity (mutantity?) and cool effects, even if there were a couple of wasted characters.
Comic book fanboys - hated it. Hated having their stories of their childhood crammed into this one film. It seems they want the film to either be all about the Pheonix or all about the Cure, not both.
I felt it worked fine, but comic book fans think the movie should appeal to them, whe in reality they are just a tiny, very vocal minority, of the people who will go to see this film. From sales figures I've seen, maybe 250 000 people buy X Men comics, over 8 times that number of people saw the film on opening weekend. Sorry boys, but appealing just to you isn't worth the money to make a film.

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