Sunday, July 01, 2007

A lack of worry about important things.

So, a few things have happened in the last days.
Firstly, 2 car bombs are found in London then someone sets a car on fire and drives it into Glasgow airport.
Terror alerts are at their highest.
With a new Prime Minister, could it be this is the terrorists trying to take advantage of the transitional phase and strike before everyone is settled in their jobs?
And what am I most worried about?
Last night's episode of Doctor Who! There are spoliers to follow.
I love the show, I really do. It's the only British programme I am scheduling myself to see (Jekyll is gaining some ground though). But last night's finale had some truly inane stuff.
It's supposed to be a science fiction show, so I can accept that occasionally it will use some old cod explanation or psuedo-scientific explanation. But the Doctor glowing because everyone thought his name? What the hell was that about?
Yes, we all guessed who the Toclafane were, but that was fine, even made sense and was doen well. But RTD again wrote himself into a situation where he couldn't write out of.
And quite frankly, if the Doctor could tap into the network, why not change the sublimnial message form "Obey" to "Resist"? The Doctor would always have preferred people to save themselves with a small nudge from him than gaining weird glowy powers.

So what do we learn from this? That I will still be going to London soon, with no fear.
But that watching the Christmas episode of Doctor Who now fills me with some apprehension - even though it does have a damn intriguing start.
And to those who don't like the end of last night's episode led straight in to it, I say unto thee, Yah Boo. Cliffhangers are what Doctor Who is all about.

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