Saturday, October 06, 2007

How will he find the time?

OK, I've been getting lots of those random spamporn emails. Yeah I know you get them too, that's why I'm not explaining the concept, ok?
Right, anyway, I've just deleted one that had the strangest subject line I've seen in a good long time - crazy zoo fucker.
Just a few things here - is it the fucker that is crazy? I mean, to attempt to work your way through a whole zoo is pretty out there, you'll have to give me that one. Or maybe the zoo is crazy, in which case - what kind of exhibits does a crazy zoo have? It's half lion half baboon! It flings crap in your face then eats your nipples!
Or maybe he's not fucking the creatures in the zoo, maybe he's dug a hole in the middle of the site and is pounding away at the concrete.

I want to know why my brain comes up with these, quite strange, possibilities.

And I also want to know why I keep getting Tranny porn spam - almost every damn day - did I sign up for a mailing list by mistake? Where's my Make your cock larger emails? No, instead it's all Hot Trannnys waiting for you.
Keep waiting.

Anyway - more craziness later.

In other news, my first comic strip is appearing in FutureQuake 9, buy your copy now.
I'm also putting out a book of my short stories - link to appear when I've seen the test copy.

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