Thursday, March 12, 2009

Done that now

Huzzah, I finally finished the awkward chapter!
It has take me a while, not being able to sleep and getting completely floored by my CFS mentally these past weeks hasn't helped, but it is at last done.
I don't know that I'm completely happy with how it has turned out, but I'm not going back to check until I do the next draft.
Could I work out how to end this chapter? Not really, I think it's now the longest one in the book so far, but I did it by letting the characters have a moment of full release from the tension with a giggling bout. It fits, it suits, I hope it works.

Now though, I can get onto the finale. Got the first big set piece coming up, which isn't action, but if I describe it properly, will still be a very cool moment for the reader to picture in their minds.

As for the project that is to follow, well, I'm putting the details in place. It's going to be a science fiction story, for adults, not the audience of this book. I may write up a couple of the short stories I have floating around in my head to get me back into that style of writing first.

All in all, progress is being made.

Words today: 469
Total Words: 34982

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