Saturday, August 04, 2007

Rejection and Beginnings.

So today I received the first of what I expect ( but hope against) of many rejections of my debut novel.
Firest in a series of Children's adventure fantasy fiction, I am quite proud of it and am fairly confident of selling it.
I've had positive comments from people who have no reason to be anything but honest (ie no family members).

In the mean time I have just started a new novel set in an entirely different series. For a long time I was planning on writing book 2 of the fantasy series, but if for some reason I can't sell book 1, then I'm stuck with 2 full novels I can't sell.
So I am now at work on an action/horror series for ages 12+.
It took me 4 days to get it going. 3 times I started it and the start was bad. Poorly written, exposition or dialogue heavy and just not good.
Now it is rocking along. I have the format of the telling, I have the basic plot in my head.
And this time I have a good title Six Moons.
So, with luck, I'll be finished with that by year's end and have 2 novel to shop around.

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