Friday, February 27, 2009

Spot on.

So I reached the end of today's section, which has mostly involved making the villain somewhat cartoonish before unleashing unexpected violence and death.
As I did the word count I found I had hit 996.
Well, can't stop there can I?
But finding the right 4 words to close out the section, because I wasn't about to start the next just yet, was quite hard. Especially as I had already ended the sequence.
But I'm a trooper, I have succeeded where lesser men might not have been all that bothered.
"Who would he choose?"
A little menacing, no? Even out of context, just knowing it's the bad guys thoughts makes it so.

All done for the week. Maybe time to get back to the comic pitch I have to do a rewrite on. I have decided to scrap an issue I'd planned and replace it with something more fantastical. As the artist said, I'm not playing up the fantasy elements enough, well this one should do it.
It's also planned as a mostly silent episode now.
Let's see if that sticks.

Words today: 1000
Total Words: 32424

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