Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Back on Track.

OK, so last time's post was all about some cock ups at the benefit agency and I felt a need to vent a little.

Now I am well and truly back on track, keeping myself to a minimum of 2 pages a day for the Quinn Graphic Novel, hopefully Emma will be getting some artwork to me in the next few weeks.
Chapter 2 after a long and torturous time is now done. It's has turned out to be a slow, wordy chapter, so it's shorter than I originally planned. However, I spent ages trying to make it work by mixing in the action from the 3rd chapter to keep the pace going. Unfortunately that just wouldn't work for me. So now Chapter 3 is going to be slam bang all action and funky futurstic gadgets. Because what's the point of writng a futuristic undercover-cop-versus-London-underworld in mad-shooty-death if you don't add the crazy furturistic technology, like bullets that track by video camera and can turn corners after fired?

The Carpenter's Apprentice is on hold again, until I finish re-reading The Chronicles of Prydain again, a series I heartily recommend. They were the basis for the Disney pic The Black Cauldron, but the books are much better. Although any Disney film that has zombie warriors is alright in my book.

There you go, news, revelation and a recommendation, what more to you want?

Ok, maybe a chuckle at David Blaine's expense.

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