Friday, May 05, 2006

Rant (Spoiler, contains lots of swearing)

Fuck you
Fuck you all.
Fuck all of you with your working bodies and physical ability to hold a full time job.Fuck you for not having to live with your parents.
Fuck you with your "It's only £9 a month you can afford that can't you", because no, I fucking can't
Fuck you and your World of Warcraft addiction and those of you that only post in that fucking forum.
Fuck the DWP and their fucking up of my claim for the fourth fucking time. Fuck them and their "We made a decision in June last year." Fuck off you did, you never said a fucking word, except to send the wrong fucking form which you were told about.
Fuck the government and their downsizing of the Benfit Agency workforce, all you're doing is putting inexperienced people in place over experienced people and causing disruption to the system.
Fuck you and your "We want people off Incapacity benefit and into work", I try and you fuck me over.
Fuck you, whoever happens to be Minister for Employment and Benefits now. Fuck you you stupid sack of shit. The system worked, now it doesn't, and that's your fucking fault you public schoolboy retard.
Fuck you Blair, you were never Labour, there hasn't been a Labour government for over 20 years now.
Fuck you middle class wankers who think everything is OK when the people at the bottom who need your help most, the people that you are supposed to be working to improve their lives, get shat on everyday.
Fuck you and your telling me you made a decision in June last year and I shouldn't have been getting any money since then. I play nice, I play in the system, I spend hours filling in forms and making sure everything is double checked, and then you hire retard fuckwads who can't look at my whole file because it's still restricted access 3 years after working there and you fuck me.
Fuck off with your patronising smiles.
Fuck you and your happy lives, planning weddings, going to Comic conventions.
Fuck all of you who can do everything I want, but fuck you to my body which betrays me on a daily fucking basis.

For those unable to read between the lines, I had a letter today telling me they are stopping my benefit for reasons that don't make sense. Also that the decision was made in June last year and I shouldn't have been getting money since then.

The only thing I got in June last year was a form about me working, which was the wrong form and they were told that.

Rage rage rage.

This was supposed to be a good few weeks, Bristol Comic Expo next weekend, a wedding a fortnight later and another a fortnight after that.
If this stands, I won't be going to any of them.

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