Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Party time, let's go to work.

Several things to cover here.

First, I now have in my grubby little mitts a test run of "The Courier", as in a printed and bound version. I am now past the point of objectivity on this comic, having spent so much time re-reading it. But it still has lines that I love in it.
Hopefully I'll have a couple done up for this weekend, more on that in a mo.
Emma has put up the cover and page 1 on her site. No idea how long between updates she will do, there are only 7 pages of comic and it took her a couple of months to draw, so I would guess she is going to tease it out some.

Second, I am off to Reading this weekend for Jon's birthday. That's Jon "Dammit accept one of my pitches", editor at Abaddon. So I get to drunkenly barrage him with ideas this weekend.
Apparently there will be a nice bloke who wrote for the latest series of Doctor Who there also. I met him a Brighton Comic Expo, so hopefully when I slip him a copy of the Courier and try to blag some sort of work off him, he won't be too surprised.
I hope.

Thirdly, I am writing this while waiting to see how MarioKart for the DS is doing on ebay. At the moment its 2 minutes away and I'm preparing to bid.
Hang on a minute.

Wait for it...

So exciting.

While we wait - watch Life on Mars. It's the best new thing on British TV at the moment.
Also, watch My Name is Earl, the funniest new sitcom since Scrubs - honest!

Here we go...

30 seconds to go.

I win!

OK, you can all go now. Nothing to see here.

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