Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I Got a Website!

Oooooh, yes I do.

I finally got the cash into my account and bought my domain. Now all I have to do is con/beg my web-savvy buddy to help me start coding it and get it up there.

When it is up and running I'll be posting my novel The Carpenter's Apprentice up for people to read for free.
It's a Fantasy Adventure story for kids and it's something I'm proud of.
Hopefully others will find it entertaining an excting, and will stick with it as each chapter comes up to read.
So far there are 12 completed chapters, and they will be going up on a bi-weekly schedule.

Anyway, link will crop up at the side when the content is ready.

On another note, the final page of The Courier is up on Emma's site. That's the whole Prologue as I am now starting to call it. Work will begin on the full length follow up in about a month for me, and I'm hoping to get the first script to Emma by the end of March.

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