Sunday, March 04, 2007

60000 words!

Well, hello there my small munchkins of delight!
Did you miss me?

I haven't been a blogging fool for quite some time now, a quick check on the last date says it's been nearly 2 months.
Well in that time I have been writing, working on the children's novel, and today I finally hit 60000 words!
Quite frankly, for something I started 8 years ago, it's not been fast enough, considering 20000 have been done in the last 6 months, but we're getting there. The final battle approaches as all the players finally get their arses in gear and the druids begin to hand out slappings left and right!

It's been a weird process to get this far, and I'm looking forward to having a finished article to tout about. Once it's done I shall be both plotting the sequel, which finishes this arc of Dian's life (ambitious, huh?), and starting to actually write one of the other 6 novels I now have written up in synopsis form. A couple of those have been pitched to Abaddon books, so with any luck I might even get paid for my efforts.

I now have a fairly rigid schedule of 1000 words a day. A schedule that took a minor pounding this week due to the Fatgue attack that has had me bed ridden 5 days out of 7, but I still got 4500 words done.

And so, the final stretch approaches. Minor characters have grown into full characters, and some of them aren't going to make the finale. Some are that weren't meant to and that's been the astonishing thing as this book grows, that these characters have become as real as figments of my imagination that do as I tell them can.

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