Friday, March 09, 2007

A Damn Fine Day!

Today is a fine and beautiful day. A day that shall long be remembered (by me) as being one of the best for years.
Last night went on a mad late night writing spree, something I have not done for years. Cranked out 3000 words describing the battle that starts the end of my novel. A little bit touching in places, crazy in others and a couple of out there moments for you to enjoy if/when it sees print.
So now I'm to the point I have been envisioning for years, all the little individual fights my heroes get. Each has their own moment to shine. I'm thinking maybe 6000 words until the heroes are victorious and another 4000 until the very end. Which puts the total wordcount at about 5000 more than I thought, but we shall see.
On top of that, today I got a preview of the artwork for my first comic to see print, besides my own homemade effort, and it's great. Coming in a FutureQuake near you soon. Plus the artist said he would send me the pages so I have them to keep as a reminder!
Finally, there is to be a meeting of my old role play gang in Reading next weekend. The mighty Kurg will lead us in crazy adventures one more time. We've been talking about this happening for a year or so now, and it's about to be a reality.

All in all, one of the greatest days.

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