Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A "HOLY CRAP!" moment.

Well, I carried on with doing todays words after my last post, and I just kept writing. While the aim is about 1000 per day, it tends to be more about finishing the scene.

So todays word count is about 1750, but that's not the thing.

Pretty much since I started on this book, there has been an image in my mind of something that was the catalyst for the big fight really kicking off at the end. Tonight I finally got to writing that point and as I got there, I realised that it left the character as a total cypher. He'd only been seen in the background or in flashes throughout and now he was going to die.
Instead everything changed, the whole mood of this final fight has been affected, in a good way I think, by a sudden flash that should provole everyone who reads it into going "Holy Crap! Did that just happen."
The kind of moment you love to read, and it's great I think I finally made one.
Not only is it shocking, it finally makes the character a character.

At this rate the ending will be complete by Sunday. Today is going well.

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