Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Chugga Chugga Chugga - just chugging along.

Well, by cracky, it looks as though the end is near. By the end of tonight the final battle will have commenced.
I'll probably get as far as the first arrow being fired, the first blow being swung and then stop, to go for a balls out action rampage tomorrow.

Quite frankly, at the speed I write when I'm going, I should be doing an easy 5000 words a day, and that's something I used to be able to do, until I got ill. But I'm not complaining, I do what I can as I can and what comes out is what comes out.

If I take onle lesson from this into the start of the next novel I start, it will be to work from a goddamn fixed synopsis and some chapter breakdowns! Fluidity in a story is not a bad thing, it allows the old creative juices to do their thang. But this book is almost nothing like the original pitch I made to myself about it. The magic sword is gone, in came big armies and personal responsibilities. The macguffin responsible for kick starting the story now takes a massive back seat, it hasn't even been written in as a seen thing yet. Instead it's now going to form the end of the book. And at last I have a definite fixed end to this book.
The actual fight and the events therein are still somewhat loose, there are major points that I have to hit, but beyond that it's all improvisational right now.

10 days, that's what I think. Friday next week I hope to be writing the words that every fantasy novel should end with:
To Be Continued...

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