Friday, March 03, 2006

Getting there.

Yup, so website bought. Images begged for and got a couple. First two chapters re-written and just about ready for first public consumption.
Joomla installed and struggling with.

Yes, that's right, it can't be too much longer before I actually get the site up for people to view. I will however need techie help from my mate, who I (shamefully) only ever seem yto see these days when I need tech help. That's partly because he's so busy and partly because I'm so lazy.

After agonising over trying to come up with Future Shock ideas for a few years, last week was inspiration central, I came up with 4 new stories and resolved how to fit another 2 into the framework after being stuck for about 6 months on them.

The follow up to The Courier, provisionally titled Quinn, carries on apace in my mind. And I will be heading to the Bristol ComicExpo because Jon has crashing space, which is cool. So I may be pimping the (unwritten and barely planned) book there. In a related bonus my local comic shop said they would take some on a sale or return when it's done, even let me do a promotional day where I can sit in there and sign copies. Which will be nice.

Anyway, movement, movement, forward the Year of Rob!

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