Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Assault on Tharg's Mighty Organ (heh).

Yes, today I stepped up my campaign to get my name, in print, in the mighty publication, otherwise known as 2000ad.
So, I have emailed the letters page and hope to get my Heroclix figure, a bonus Graphic Novel would be good, but the letter wasn't that deserving.
However, I now have 2 Future Shocks completed and ready to go, maybe a bit of dialogue polishing, but I'm very happy with one and a little puzzled with another. I know I've got a decent story, but for some reasons I can't quite suss why it doesn't seem right, I may have just spent too much time thinking on it to be honest.

Tomorrow I go to Reading to see Omid Djalili on stage. While there I will be droppping off a few of the printed copies of The Courier with Jon, who has offered to pass them around the 2000ad office. With rumours that the Megazine will start printing small press strips to bring cost down and fill pages, there is a chance that will prove more useful than had I given them to him to hand around a couple of months ago like I meant to.

Meanwhile I've managed to start a couple of long threads on the 2000ad message board, not to do with me, but I like the fact I've got people talking.

Anyway, that's two more Future Shocks I need to do this week, at the very least. May even get 3 done.

In other news check out the BBC's Open Earth Archive, where you can cut together your own little movies of nature, or download more clips and make a longer one.

Anyway, fare thee well, traveller on the virtual seas, pass back this way again, maybe there will be news that you care about. But probably not.

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