Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hunting the very rare Editorialis Freelancita

So last night I decide I'm going to email someone I've never met, never spoken to on the phone and the only connection to them I have is that I've commented in their blog a couple of times. And I emailed him to ask if he would be amenable to a touch of freelance editing.
And I was drunk at the time.

It's not the best set of circumstances, but let me tell you where I was coming from.
With work on Quinn well under way and Chapter 1 done, I began to think about it. I want people to pay money to read this, as such I want to make it the best I can.
Alan Moore has said his writing suffered because people got too scared to edit him, and I'm no Alan Moore (yet), so for this work to be the best it can be, I will need editorial help.
Finding an editor for prose wouldn't be too hard, yet still would provide a bit of a challenge.
But where the hell do you find a freelance comic editor?

The guy I emailed, he's not even an editor any more, he's a writer of many things, some of which I own, though they weren't bought based on his name, more the property he was writing. I mean the 2000ad audio plays, I don't even know how many are his.

My point is, he's the only one I could think of, and he doesn't do it any more.

I know that the art will have to grab people, but that's Emma's job. Mine is to turn out the best script I can, and for that it will need someone to give it the once over who isn't me.

Where the hell do I find one?

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