Thursday, March 23, 2006

Quinn - Back to fight crime, and punch people

It may not be the catchiest tag line, but it will do for now.

Yes, rejoice you three people who may have read The Courier and visit this blog. For I have begun the mighty follow up, to be known as Quinn until further notice or a better title presents itself.
I had started to forget how much fun it is just to write, so I am doubly glad that Quinn is so much fun.
Some of you may know I am writing this for Emma (artist on The Courier) to draw, and then put it out as a graphic novel. It's nice, because for the first time I am writing something that doesn't have to be condensed into 5 pages. Which means I can plot out more characters and, more importantly, more entertaining fight and action sequences. I am 9 pages in so far and already I have a sequence I am very pleased with down. Whether I am trying to cram too much in and will get shot down by Emma, I don't know, but for now I can add camera swoops and explosion noises to my hearts content.

I think I need to be careful though, originally planned as 9, 10 page chapters, I am 8 pages done and haven't got to the meat of the chapter yet. I may need to find myself an editor after all. Either that or carry on like this which means exposition will necessarily be kept to a minimum.

Discussion needs to be had with Emma, because I am of the mind that we should only put up completed chapters, rather than individual pages as they are done. This would mean longer between updates online, but anyone coming in would have a complete section to read from the start.
Maybe even give it it's own webpage, seperate from Emma's site - which you should check out for her latest work Split Silver, not usually my kind of thing, but I keep reading it.

So yeah, stuff done, no reply from 2000ad, no Heroclix for me I guess, no rejection of the Furture Shocks yet either. To be honest, I think my favourite of the two I sent is better than the one in this weeks 2000ad, which seemed quite old fashioned and obvious. But hey, I'm always going to like my own stuff I guess.

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