Monday, January 26, 2009

Back on Track

Today was a good day. I've set up things that are going to be important at the finale. The female lead is also getting more of a personality, cheeky little minx that she is. I'll have to go back and insert some stuff into earlier chapters to make it all gel, but that's what redrafting is all about.
Word count is also back up to acceptable levels.
Once again, the chapter that I had so much trouble writing, the one that took up all of last week, has turned out to be a bit of a beast, nearly 5000 words. Making it nearly a quarter of the whole that has been written so far. I could probably chop it into two, but I don't really want to.

In other problems, it turns out my big action sequence, planned before the giant blockbuster budget breaking finale, needs a complete overhaul, what with there being none of the geography I need for the planned sequence to work being anywhere in the vicinity. This is the problem with real world set stories, you're tied to what actually exists when it comes to cliffs and such. Oh well.
Looks like Plymouth is in for an utter beating.

Words today: 1758
Total words so far: 20906

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