Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Day 3 hates me.

And here's where it becomes hard.
Woke up this morning knowing that I had no real clear idea of where today's writing was going to take me. I know the general ideas I need to get down, but I haven't been through the specifics in my head. This is where the word count slows considerably normally.
Added to that today is the first day I'm fighting with my CFS to get anything done. It was going to happen sooner or later, it just seems like it's sonner, which is a bugger.

Yesterday went well. Another chapter completed, the following chapter started. Only 2000 words, but that's the target I like to aim for.
Now I have to work out how many people are going to appear in this new section, do I need to create a new character. And horror of horrors, if I get past this bit I DO know what comes next, but I have yet to name the villain!
Argh, I hate naming characters, it's not something that ever comes easy!

Total words at start of today: 8994 (Almost a 6th of projected total, and I started on chapter 5!)

40 minute early bail out today. Can't concentrate any more, CFS kicking my brain to mush.
Still, 1305 words done. The mysterious M revealed, with humour and gags that hopefully are funny.
Total words at bail out: 10304

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