Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Car

I'm having a real problem getting started this morning. I feel like an old car that someone's trying to make go on a cold and snowy morning.
It. Just. Won't. Ca. Cat. Catch.

I know what I'm writing this morning, an escpae from a locked room. There are story, character and emotional reasons for the escape, which is a nice trifecta. My only problem is that I cannot fix the geography or contents of the room in my head. Once out of the room I have the free reign to go a bit bug nuts with obstacles for the hero to overcome. But getting him out of the room in a way that shows him to be resourceful, brave and desperate? Drawing a big blank.

I was hoping that setting this down here might fire up some inspiration.
But no.
Instead I now have Blogger voice going "Wow, you really don't know what you are doing today do you?"

Doesn't help that yesterday ended up a bit of a washout as I had to give up after an hour to take my Dad to my Nan's. So I didn't quite hit 1000 words. The wordcount this week is very much down on last week's, there's been no epic 3000 word action sequence day. Thinking ahead, I can't see another section I know quite as well as the car chase, so there may not be again.
Plus I'm umming and ahhing about whether I need to add extra events to stretch the wordcount all the way to novel length. Chapters keep ending at about 1600 words, which would mean over 30 chapters to reach 60000 words, which is the target. In current plans, I'm about halfway through and on less than a quarter of the words.
OK, so I still have chapters 1 - 4 to write, and they are quite actiony and big, but I don't see them breaking the 4000 limit they'd probably have to to catch up.

Total Words at start of this morning: 16572

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