Friday, January 16, 2009

Locked Room Problem

It's so hard today. All I have to do is get the hero out of a locked room into a corridor where I can throw all kinds of craziness and get back into the action.
Shouldn't be too hard should it?

Well apparently, it is! I have just written 200 words of the most circular reasoning ever. If this then this, which means this, so this is that!
That will require a very hefty rewrite, but right now all I want to do is get the hero to escape. Why can't I manage that?

I can feel my fingers trying to cramp up at the very idea of doing more on this bit, which is never a good sign.
But it must be done. The story stops dead here if I don't.

Yesterday was about a 300 word day and giving up after 45 minutes. Today I MUST hammer through this.
If I'm still stuck in this room come Monday there's an exponentially increasing chance that I will bail, find all the usual reasons for not continuing on. And that's not acceptable.

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