Friday, January 23, 2009

A Week of Little Success

Well, this week has turned out to be a bit of a wash all around really. The problems I was having last week spilled on into this and there was little progress made, I didn't even get any words done on Wednesday or Thursday.
However, on Wednesday I did realise what my prblem was, I was trying to write an action sequence that I hadn't thought through properly. I had my hero's motivation for doing it, but not the reasons for the challenges he was being set. Once I had that worked out I got onto the final part of the challenge and this is where there was a great grinding to a halt.
See, my usual method is to imagine action sequences and then build the story around them, getting people to the places they need to be with the equipment required. This often means an action sequence planned for one story may not be workable, so it gets filed and re-used in another.
This time I worked to a point where I needed an action sequence, but nothing in the action store was right for it, not even remotely. This meant I had to stop and properly think through what I wanted to happen.
All the other major action points for this novel are fully formed and with a few minor hitches (as in the next location that begins an action sequence is nowhere near a beach of a big cliff with stairs running down it's length. So a rethink is coming and it looks as though Plymouth's in for an invasion of beasties along with a second car chase.)
Well, today I finally sat down with the action sequence in my head and it is done. Finally I can get things moving again. It's not quite a straight sprint to the finish now - there's research that needs doing to get specifics of places that will be required to build the next few scenes around - but there should be no more unexpectedness.

Words today: 1062
Total words: 19143

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